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Check out our facebook page here https://www.facebook.com/MyHandyworks




We have a new class, Adult Mosiacs made easy class. Bring your favorite adult beverage and/or dessert to have some fun and make a cool painting. See the classes tab for times. 



Summer Camp Planning is here. Click here to register online. Here is a list of our Summer Camp dates:

Please contact us for Summer 2015 Camp Dates!

Cost: $100.00 per student per week for the 3 hour blocks. Ages 5 and up. Or choose the day with activity you want and pay $25.00. Take $10 off for 2 siblings. $20 off for 3 siblings.

Cost: $50.00 per student for one hour long (12-1pm). Ages 3 and 4 yr. Choose a single day for $15.00.

Class Size: 10 per class. Sign Ups begin now! Snack provided each day

 Choose either 9am-12pm; 1pm-4pm; or 5:30pm-8:30pm daily. 12pm-1pm for 3 and 4 yr. old


“Like” My Handyworks on Facebook. More pictures and inside information are

available on facebook. 

My Handyworks offers a 20% Military Discount on any one project all day every day. Please have your ID with you at the time of purchase. 

My Handyworks began with specializing in handprint and footprint paintings, but now with a permanent location are able to complete more creative art work. Listed are many different means of artwork.


We have several options for birthday parties at our art studio. Please see the Birthdays / Groups Tab for more information or call 636-724-7337.


Great Project for...
  • Birthday Parties
  • Daycares
  • Elementary Schools
  • Scout Projects
  • Company Functions
  • Christmas Presents                                                      

My Handyworks allows you to choose a design, pick out the colors used, and we will even personalize your masterpiece at no extra charge. Simply place your hands into washable paint, place them onto an acrylic tile, and we will do the rest. With the paint sealed inside the picture, it only takes about five minutes to complete from start to finish.

For a view of the designs offered, check them out on our gallery tab.  NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY FOR THIS PROJECT. 


From beautiful beach scenes to light houses, and American flags to outer space landscapes, Brian Matthews Studios creates them…all without using a paintbrush! His tools? Spraypaint cans, free-handed stencils, bowls and newspaper. He can even personalize each painting. Or, bring in your favorite picture and you can bet he will duplicate it! NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY FOR THIS PROJECT.


A mold of your hand is made in wax, dyed from one solid color up to 6 colors of the rainbow, and add glitter if you like.  Couples enjoy holding hands while children enjoy other signs such as hang loose, peace and I love you. (Must be 4 and older to participate in this activity due to the need of keeping the hand still). NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY FOR THIS PROJECT...UNLESS YOU ARE WITH A SCOUTING GROUP OR BIRTHDAY PARTY. 


Handprint only: $5.00

Handprint and Name: $8.00

Handprint, Name and Snowman Fingers: $10.00


The filled wax hand gives more stability to the hand as it will no longer hollow. There are more details on the Rates Page of this website. We fill the hollow hand with a mixture of non melted wax chips and liquid wax. 



Each child will choose a flower pot to decorate. We will help place the hand prints on the flower pot.  The children can then place thumb prints around the pot or decorate with the use of a paint brush.  Three sizes of flower pots will be available. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY FOR THIS PROJECT. COME WHEN WE ARE OPEN. 


Crayons are about 12 inches in length. Can color, but are meant for decoration as they are not the solid color through the entire crayon. Any Color Any: $10.00 plus tax.  No Appointment Needed


Crayons are hot glued together to form a lion, which boasts around 6000 crayons. 


Yoda was made with 2944 crayola crayons. 

Greg has taken the art of spraypainting and transformed it onto wood, then glued marbles on top of the scene.  


Greg also does fine artwork with marbles on wood. 





Each handprint for every month is turned into something different. You tell us what animal or pictures you want created with the hands for each month.$45. 



Funky Crayon Art. Melting Crayons. 

Participants glue crayons onto a white board.  Students choose a desired design, such as a duck holding an umbrella, ship, two penguins making a heart, a man and woman facing each other, or a palm tree etc. Then your design is placed on the board for the melted crayon to flow beside the design. 3 sizes from which to choose.

6 inch by 12 inch = $10.00. 1x1 foot = $18.00.   1x2 foot = $25.00.



These delicate roses are made out of birch wood shavings and are airbrushed in a variety of colors, and finally scented with a rose oil to look and smell like the real thing. The perfect gift for any occasion. NO APPOINTMENT NECESSARY TO PURCHASE ROSES.



Pick your favorite swirl and colors to create a favorite t-shirt.


First choose the design you want made out of candy.  For example: Butterfly, Football, Cardinal, baseball bat and ball, etc... We draw the design on the 11 by 11 inch tile then frame it.  Separate the candy and glue them onto the design forming your own masterpiece. 


What is a 3D handprint Plaque?  

A mold of your family’s hands is used to create family trees, wreaths, animals, or sports themes.  You choose the colors from the leaves to tree trunk from the hands to the background color. 

How young can you be?

We have made impressions with one week old babies. No one is too young or too old. 

Can my pet be part of the plaque?

Yes. We have incorporated impressions of dog’s paw prints into family trees. Please let us know you are bringing an animal in as we have Eden (our dog) at our studio most days. 

NO Appointment Needed. 3D WAX HAND PLAQUE: A mold of the hand or baby’s feet are taken inside our art studio. We professionally mount the wax hands on the plaque with personalization such as name, date, date of birth, etc. No Appointment Needed, but there is a bit of a turn around time. 1'x1' Example Blues Note.





3D 1'X2' Plaque. We add wooden rose petals (painted to the color of your choice) as teh leaves of the tree and rope as the trunk. 

2'x2' Plaque. Family Tree, Family Wreath, Wedding Guest Signature Plaque, or family animal hands. Personalized to your liking. The family tree leaves and trunk are painted onto the board. 


3D 2'x2' Plaque. We add painted (your choice in color) wooden roses as leaves and rope as the trunk to create the family tree and wreath.  Personalize how you like. 


2'x3' Plaque. Famly Tree, Family hands as animals, such as ducks, elephants, sea turtles. Personalized how you request. 


3D 2'x3' Plaque. Family Tree. We add the painted (your choice incolor) wooden rose petals and rope as the leaves and trunk for the 3D effect. 



MORE DETAILS (Rates and Dates) on the ART CLASSES Tab PAGE.  Greg teaches art lessons using different mediums. 

Watercolor Class. The class will focus on landscapes and still life while teaching students how to mix watercolors. Portraits will be taught the last week of class. 

Painting with Purpose is a guided painting class which lasts 2 hours per session.  Students will choose a work of art in which to replicate. Wonderful Girls Night Out Activity or Date Night.     

 Mosaics Made Easy Class.  Students will create a beautiful mosaic piece of art using a unique medium. The creation is directed by the participant from light houses to palm trees; dolphins to mountains; there are no limitations to your mosaic piece.  This is a two hour one time class.

Tempera Tots Class.  Fridays at 11 am toddlers 18 months and older will explore with paint.  This is a pay by the month class. See the Art Classes tab for more information and current activities.


Create A 1’ by 2’ wax 3D design on wood using molds of butterflies, flowers, palm trees, dolphins, and shapes such as hearts, circles, squares and triangles etc...to create your design. The customer will fill the pre-made molds with the wax color of their choice to create their own individual scene on the wood. CLASS TIMES ARE LISTED ON THE RATES PAGE.        

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